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Ben uses the extended water fed pole to clean solar panels with pruified, mineral free water increasing solar efficiency and lowering the customer's power bill

Solar Panel Cleaning Service
Phoenix, AZ

See The Results!

See Our Process!

A picture of dirty solar panels before professional cleaning from Paradise
A picture of sparkling clean solar panels which are more energy efficient because of professional cleaning from Paradise

Why should you get your solar panels cleaned?

Over time, solar panels collect dust, dirt, grime, feces, moss, etc. The presence of any dirt or foreign objects on the panels reduces the amount of light absorbed by the panels. This reduction in sunlight/ray absorption means your power bill increases, and the return on your solar investment decreases. 

Why should you trust a professional instead of DIY?

The water in Arizona contains large amounts of calcium and other mineral contaminants. These minerals will leave a layer of film on your panels which instead of increasing their efficiency will actually lower the efficiency and output. We use a three stage water purification system and a thirty foot extendable water fed pole to thoroughly and professionally clean your solar system.  

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