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Our Equipment

Window/Solar Equipment

Pressure Washing Equipment

Our window cleaning equipment (hose, water fed pole, squeegee, ladder)
Our equipment for pressure washing is shown in front of the truck with our chemicals and agents to remove stains and dirt

Our solar cleaning/exterior window cleaning services utilize our three-stage Xero® water purification system. This system takes hard Arizona tap water, and turns it into mineral-free purified water by filtering it through a sediment pre-filter, DI resin filter, and lastly a reverse osmosis tank. Using this water on your panels and windows ensures a streak-free, film-free result to leave your property looking sparkling clean!

Our surface cleaning and pressure washing service utilizes our Dewalt® 4400 psi, 4 gallon-per-minute power washer and our  Whisper Wash® WW2000 19" Surface Cleaner. We apply a variety of degreasing, stain-removing, and sealing products to the surface, allow time for them to cure, then use our revolving drum attachment to thoroughly remove all dirt, oil, and grease. Lastly, we pick from our selection of 15-45 degree nozzles and spray the surface clean, leaving your entire surface looking brand new!

Our People

Ben uses the water fed brush to clean solar panels
Alex wipe down.jpg
Jared uses the surface cleaner to clean a concrete driveway

Our associates are kind, compassionate, hard-working, detail-oriented individuals. Our entire team has been trained to use the most effective and efficient methods of exterior cleaning. We always make sure our customer is satisfied before leaving the job site, and are happy to come back and make things right in the event of a mishap. 

Our Mission

White text reading "paradise" with the I being replaced by an orange palm tree

Our mission is to provide local residents and businesses high quality services in order to improve their property while maintaining the highest level of  customer service and satisfaction.

Over the next decade, Paradise Washing will become a leader in the construction cleaning industry. We will also strive to be the most highly reviewed and utilized commercial and residential surface, solar and window cleaning service in Arizona, grossing over $5 million in annual revenue.

We highly value integrity, approachability, respect, transparency, communication, and accountability. We want to build a culture of employees who are detail-oriented and forward thinking in order to further these values.

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